Rocket League PC「 A E 」

Rocket League PC「 A E 」

WinD - Striker
AzN - Center / Goalie
CALR | Kingspade - Striker
DeadCore - Goalie

  • WinD

    Kenneth Spaziani

    CEO and IGL for two AE titles. Former Lead of XI eSports, AE is a vision of player freedom and equality. 2013 eSports Hall, Currently playing 2 titles per season (focusing on Quake Champions) while coaching various AE Rosters....Read More

  • Soul

    Mo'men Abusharar

    I'm trying hard to be funny, but it never works.   I'm a university student trying to game with every bit of free time i have, currently studying dentistry. My hobbies include: guitar, skating, wasting time and of course gaming....Read More

  • Death

    Anthony M

    ...Read More

  • Vash

    Justin Jarrett

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