Heroes of the Storm「 A E 」

Heroes of the Storm「 A E 」

XI Geforce eSports had a great Alpha and Beta HoTS team, now as we have become Accelerated Evolution it is time to Warp into the HoTS scene for North America again, displaying the same full force top tier NA Plays that our organization is known for.

  • WinD

    Kenneth Spaziani

    CEO and IGL for two AE titles. Former Lead of XI eSports, AE is a vision of player freedom and equality. 2013 eSports Hall, Currently playing 2 titles per season (focusing on Quake Champions) while coaching various AE Rosters....Read More

  • timotongo

    Tim Burkhart

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  • Vareck

    Vincent Cotineau-Soufflet

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  • ReKinn

    James Gopperton

    James "ReKinn" Gopperton has been playing competitive games since the release of SC2:WOL where he reached the rank of Grand Master and competed in multiple tournaments. After quitting SC2 he quickly found a love of the moba genre in games such as Heroes of Newerth, Dota 2, League of Legends and finally, Heroes of the Storm. In HOTS he prides himself on being able to pick up any hero and play it at a high level, but focusing mostly on ranged DPS and support....Read More

  • Denvar

    Alfonso Campos

    Hello, I'm Denvar, I played starcraft 2 getting top master in the expansion, actually im rank 1 mmr 3.7k Played heroes since the alpha and always on mmr master, I have participated in ESL weeklys, and Copa America in latinamerica gettin top 8....Read More

  • LaurenTipton

    Lauren Tipton

    ex Girlfriend of WinD - I'm a backup for three games! ...Read More

  • Albiewitz

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  • LiaraTsoni

    Shun Ai Lim

    Hi,   My name is LiaraTsoni, I'm from Malaysia (Southeast Asia), and I play on the Americas server. I've been playing HotS since Alpha and it appeals to me because it has many Heroes I liked from my childhood days. I've had some basic MOBA experience previously with League of Legends. I aspire to become a professional player for HotS and am always willing to learn. Feel free to add me up on Bnet - LiaraTsoni#6557...Read More