Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944

Accelerated Evolution - Battalion 1944 Squad 

  • WinD

    Kenneth Spaziani

    CEO and IGL for two AE titles. Former Lead of XI eSports, AE is a vision of player freedom and equality. 2013 eSports Hall, Currently playing 2 titles per season (focusing on Quake Champions) while coaching various AE Rosters....Read More

  • Forte

    Noah LaVigne

    Currently Competing In Battalion 1944, hoping to make a lasting impact in the Esports Community. Professional Gamer | CS:GO: ESL Qualifier: 1 Online Tournament Wins: 17 | Battalion 1944: | Overwatch: | Quake Champions:...Read More

  • aeQuam

    Curtis Matzan

    Twitch Streamer | 17 Years old | AE Quam ...Read More