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  • Wed 22nd Jun 2016 - 8:49am
    VO Genesis A successful person understands that their strength comes from something much greater than they truly possess. Their strength is in how they respond to situations. I had a brand new car that still had the new car smell inside of it and after a few months of driving the car the car would not start on a morning that I was not necessarily running late but if I did not stay on point I would be late. Every minute was accounted for. Well, when I went to start my car it would not that morning. I remember trying a few times and still no power. I called Triple "A" and they told me that it would be over an hour before they could get to me. I remember thinking to myself after that call to Triple "A" obviously there is something God is saving me from and I shifted. I did not get angry, frustrated or irritated. Because I did not show any of those emotions it allowed me to stay in a right mindset and I was able to think outside of the box and was able to have the meeting over the phone, and having the meeting over the phone saved gas, time and energy driving to it. So it all worked out. Know that successful people maintain control of their emotions and actions, and do not give someone else or something else control over them.
  • Sun 11th Feb 2018 - 5:31am
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  • Thu 19th Mar 2020 - 6:46am

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