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Thu 12th Dec 2019 - 10:11pm : General

5:29:27 PM 12/12/2019


** I will provide an edit with the addition of my Live-Stream VOD of my impressions **
If you would like to play CO-OP during our preview period, head over to our partnered discord at and @ / DM WinD#0001 - we will get groovy for the machine god.

The motion during movement is like having one foot on the ground and the other on a skateboard; it feels awkward and a bit cumbersome and I would very much prefer a stiff grounded feeling while moving.

Aside from that the front/back/side dash mechanic is a wonderful feeling, double jump aids the feeling of speed and control of the environment (kiting enemies and slamming down on them). I enjoy the hand to hand combat inspired by DOOM 2016, I dig that if I just melee attack an enemy it will turn into a sort of combo the more I chain melee attacks together.

The shotgun is exceptionally satisfying, and while it seems far too easy to mow down bots the shielded ones I have not quite figured out the mechanism in which they shield up and disable you; if its timed or if I am just breaking thru the shielding eventually.

It feels like an Indie DOOM 2016 with Robots but lacks the exploration and platforming which added so much to the single-player component of DOOM 2016.

With that said, this is intended to be a co-op game at heart, and when you go into the game reading "DOOM With Machines" It is a high bar to set. Basically it is DOOM with Robots that is indeed true. This early on in the development of a game due out Q3/Q4 2020 to be as good as it is now is a statement that in the next year drastic development will be undertaken by the developers over at IUMTEC.

As of 12/12/2019 I would purchase this game in its current state at a 20 dollar price tag on launch and adore it. I have not had the chance to play co-op with friends although I may request 3 more keys to play on stream with Accelerated Evolution content creators or some of our eSports players.

This game can end up being something extremely amazing; an indie studio out of France already has a product to be proud of, I don't want people confused by my constructive criticism on specific elements. That is to be of aid to the developer, if I am not mentioning something here it most likely means "Well that feels fantastic already".

I enjoy the skill/attribute tree adding in some role-playing game elements alongside the load-out decisions for a map, in co-op play I can see this becoming a highly engaging aspect which will require the right composition of abilities, weapons and skill to overcome an encounter as a group. I look forward to being able to experience that side of the game.

As of now, in testing, I would score a game with a year of development left a solid 85/100. If this comes out at a full price that would be knocked down in the current state by 10 points for sure, maybe 15. Although between 20-30 dollars if they continue to make the game displayed for us at this current time even better and feel more fluid in the movement (along with some scenario changes and map design that makes you think a bit more) this could easily be one of those 20-30 dollar A-Rating releases that everyone will buy due to being of high replay value and price point.

I will update this review with the VOD of my gameplay on the even of 12/12/19 below:

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Kenneth Spaziani