Steem Monsters Match and Win Social Media Sharing Contest

Wed 3rd Oct 2018 - 5:18pm : General

Accelerated Evolution is a proud affiliate of Steem Monsters.

Sign up to start collecting cards and prepare for competition battles and future eSports events. if you use my Reflink I will send you a free BETA pack! (opens in new window) (opens in a new window)

Just Follow the Graphic Instructions:

 If you simply resteem, tweet, or post to facebook about this post(link to the post needed) you will be entered to win these cards.  
IMPORTANT: This action requires a steemit account - or get in touch with @matchandwin on steemit (opens in new window)
In the comments (on steemit) please list what you did and the link to it for it to be verified will be selecting our winners even the gold twisted jester!

   Now why is it important to follow username @matchandwin because check this out! (opens in new window)

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only 500K Beta Packs exist, we are deep into that amount and will be polishing off the remainder soon... with that said only myself and one other opened a GOLD/FOIL Legendary Elemental Phoenix Priced between 2,000 USD and 4,000+ USD

Card ID: G1-11-H6FNCMLK2O



Kenneth Spaziani