Dreadlands features Accelerated Evolution in Tactical RPG - Now in Early Access! -

Mon 29th Jun 2020 - 7:11pm : Gaming
listed as #7 in the logo contest, I am happy to say that it was far easier for us than the artists that built new designs for Dreadlands. Accelerated Evolution existed prior and mutually it was decided including the White variety of our company logo was perfect timing as we roll out our new White eSport Jersey designs along with our new product lines based on the White, Black, and Grey AE emblem.
While I wanted to assure everyone within our community and to all of our fantastic Sponsorship / Partnership related brands that I would be revitalizing the Accelerated Evolution website to have all of our news data posted daily... I wanted to add that so much is being done daily by not only our staff members and I but our community which all ends up being major news that deserves to be reported on.
I am currently working on a Discord Bot which will automatically create a web-format for any announcement on the Discord Server which will both clean up the way news is formatted on our Partnered Discord but in a way that looks proper for website related news articles, reviews, previews, etc. 
I wanted to add this statement to this article as a promise that I have been working on a method to ensure during COVID-19 we are capable of the same communication and professionalism prior to the pandemic. 

With that out of the way... let's get onto this epic news!

Dreadlands takes elements of Fallout 1/2 along with Wasteland 2 more so than X-COM
It also features the Accelerated Evolution White Logo!

The game has four factions although, only two are currently playable. Of these playable factions, The "Scrappers" have the Accelerated Evolution (White) Logo as a Gang Symbol. 
This is the Faction selection and Gang Name / Symbol selection menu when starting a new game.
From the 10 designs in the link posted above, they are mixed into a pool and randomized to give PVE encounters a more interesting vibe. With PVP scheduled during late early access and for release, this will also add a customizable and immediate identity to other players you face (You can see if they are AE fans or not... that's the main point.)
In all seriousness, this was a smart move by The Dreadlands team and ASUS.

(Pre-fight screen)

Mid-Combat, impressed at how fantastic the AE Logo looks in-game!

Finally, we have one of the status effects which causes large negatives in the stats of an entire unit... Which upon my first play-through had me smiling ear to ear seeing the AE Logo very large center screen during this status effect

Watch my hands-on impressions and giddy reaction to the Accelerated Evolution logo in-game below!

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Kenneth Spaziani